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Planning an events can be very stressful. Thus, our event services is designed to take the stress of creating the perfect meal away, we collaborate with you to provide a unique and delightful cooking experience. Besides, our joy is seeing your guest enjoying that special day.
Our event includes:
2. Funeral
3. Corporate event.
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Drop offs:

Whether you are planning to host a special dinner with your family and friends, or maybe a larger gathering to celebrate a birthday, engagement party, holiday ,or special occasion;We got you covered!
Our delivery and bulk cooking brings the most delicious and creative cooking experience to your doorstep.
Freshly made and delivered hot.
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Food Processing

The following food items are processed at our kitchen.
1. BeNice ChimChim
2. BeNice Tom Brown
3. BeNice Tapioka

Local Juice Bottling

We bottle your favorite local juice , specially made just for your refreshment.
1. Sobolo & Ginger Juice ,
2. Asana

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Be Nice is a Ghanaian restaurant in Accra, that specializes in both local and continental dishes. What makes us unique is our affordable and quality food taste recipe.